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18 November 2010

Hip-Hop Tango: Tough, Beautiful ... Like the VW Polo?!

To personify the Polo's "Tough. Beautiful." slogan, Volkswagen UK enlisted the aid of DDB UK, whose creative mind-melding produced "Last Tango in Compton":

World-class Argentinean tango dancers Gasper Godoy and Manuella Rossi developed the hard, fast routine against an unforgiving, equally passionate hip-hop track laced with jazz tones. No reassuring bandonéons in sight. But they make it work.

The making-of is just as interesting. Tango champion Godoy admits he's never danced to either jazz or hip-hop in his life. We admire him rising to the occasion.

While we're grateful the DDB team didn't try shimmying the car into the footwork (consider that weird "Tango at the Tower" thing Ford Fiesta did with Cake Group in '08), we took a little bit of issue with the abrupt end transition to the shot of the Polo. It struck us as random and stapled-on, even with the tagline tying it all together.

But this is entertainment. And for some, particularly those with an affinity for gritty streets that breed passion, rage, danger and beauty, that might be plenty.

Learn more about the dancers and the music (Roc C's Don't Stop) at the (rather nahce) Volkswagen Polo Facebook page.

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