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23 November 2010

AdVerve Episode 55: Tryptophan! Santabration! ...and Airport Frisks.

That yearly bacchanalia of peace on earth and goodwill to men.

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We get you in the holiday spirit with the curious origins of Thanksgiving and some pre-Christmas foreplay. Also, Bill manages to squeeze in a full-sized rant about the new TSA body scans while I try desperately to reel the conversation back to tinseltown and the roots of the Christmas stocking. (Not what you learned in school! But probably even less true.)

We sorta do never quite do get around to making that “thankful” list. (Although Santa knows we tried.)

Also in the confession booth: the worst Christmas presents we ever got. Email us yours!


- The alleged origins of the Christmas stocking.
- Muslims Wearing Things.
- Full-body scanarama! A gift from a grateful nation.
- There used to be two Black Fridays.
- Deep-fried Thanksgoodness!
- Watch out for fire though.
- TSA scanner man.
- Battle: Los Angeles.

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Kapowie said...

I am still only up to minute 18. I have listeners block. Busy Busy Busy.