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06 November 2010

After Hours, Will You Pass the Social Media Sobriety Test?

Boulder-based Webroot is an antivirus and internet security firm, meaning it is in one of the most neglectable industries in the four corners of the Internet, especially if you're a Mac user. :P

So it's come up with a way to get attention: the Social Media Sobriety Test, a Firefox plugin that does for your networks what Gmail Goggles did for the victims of your triumphant 2 AM whiskey-fueled emails.

Once downloaded, the Sobriety Test asks you to set a period of time in which you'd like to be protected (for example, after 11 PM every Thursday). You can customise what sites you'd like to be blocked from during this highly probable intoxication period, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, some custom URLs and web-based email accounts like Gmail or Hotmail. If you try to access them, you'll be made to pass a randomly-generated online sobriety test.

Basically, it's a condom that prevents your uninhibited stupidity from bearing fruit in the one place it will most likely be immortalised for all time. Although I really hope this auto-update option is, uh, optional:

Awkward. UPDATE: the press guy says it's totally optional. Whew.

The tagline ties it all nicely back to pithy ol' Webroot: Protecting you from all possible threats. Even yourself. Work by TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder.

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