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23 November 2010

Google Search Stories, Gone French. (And an Astronaut Segue.)

It's poetic that Google's Search Stories campaign, which swept us off our feet with "Parisian Love" during this year's Super Bowl, now has a true French variant.

The Une Histoire campaign is outfitted with its own Search Stories, written in French but armed with more universal triggers: hopes, dreams, trajectories that start small but blossom into dramatic life changes. You know the plot well. My favourite is "RĂªve d'Enfant" ("Childhood dream," above).

I totally wanted to be an astronaut, but not for any noble purpose. It was mostly to have a reason to go to space camp. And while we're off-topic, check out these "holiday snapshots" by astronaut Soichi (@astro_soichi). They're magic!

Back on-topic. Une Histoire was produced in partnership with France-based ETO. As with the English campaign, you have the option of creating your own search story, which media pub Influencia actually went and took the time to do:

UPDATE: "Une Histoire" debuted as a broadcast campaign on French network TF1 on November 28 for a reported 300,000 euros. In maintaining a bit of the Super Bowl spirit it rode for its US debut, the ad appeared just before the screening of Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'tis, a film that scored record box office returns in France.

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Howie-Shizzle said...

Whats with the old school acoustic blues backing music. Its like 2010 where is the banging fucking techno. Or at least some Parisian Style World Lounge Music?