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23 November 2010

Google Germany's 3D Streetview Stop Motion

Google Germany punts its Streetview feature with this adorable video that weds 3D to stop-motion. It brings to mind how Streetview succeeds in knitting photographs together, often providing full 360° views of a given area.

The effort is framed as though it's taking place in an old-school traveling scrapbook - the kind you fill up for road trips. A nice nod back to tactile memorabilia.

Work by agency Kolle Rebbe, with production by Sehsucht Berlin.

Props to Fubiz for the vid.


Howie-Shizzle said...

Did you ever see Dave Wilkies Street View Rush Video taken from Italy Street View? And doesn't Germany know that Canada is with a C? Did they even ask Canada?

Anonymous said...

Yes Germany knows that Canada is written with a C - if ENGLISH is the language - but in GERMAN Canada is written with a K.
Come to visit us and learn languages and cultures older than yours ;-)