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15 November 2010

AdVerve Episode 54: Monster Media

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Culture journo Carolina Miranda (@cmonstah), the magnificent brains behind, WNYC's Gallerina and the Perfect City documentary, joins us for some high-meets-low culture fun and games. She chats us up about the scariest road in Peru, what she looks for in a would-be tourist attraction, the changing face of compensation and expectations for writers in the tech age, and journalism’s no-fly zone... if it even has one anymore.

Plenty of twists, turns and giggles along the way. Miss it at your inner wanderluster's peril.

Image from Carolina's photo diary: When Classicism Meets the Northern Peruvian Coast.

Linky do-dahs:
- Keith Olbermann gets a mini vaca.
- Carolina on the future of freelance journalism.
- Her Huffpo/Slate response. (Scroll down four or five comments.)
- More scary road fun.

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