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12 November 2010

A Rockmelt Review Update, to Be Just.

After 48 hours or so of hardcore use, today I decided that I hate Rockmelt.

Used as your primary browser it gets insanely slow and data-heavy and the lag is insufferable.

And because you can't organically update Twitter/Facebook from the right-hand pane, having them ever on the periphery doesn't actually stop you from having to go to those pages. All it really does is make you a compulsive newsfeed update-checker, which is something you thankfully forget about doing from time to time when you're not constantly gazing at those icons.

Back on Chrome again. Will I return to Rockmelt someday, to visit? Probably, but that I'm saying "probably" probably means no. I'll keep it on the dock awhile though, just in case.

This concludes my review.

UPDATE, 13 Nov: A few commenters actually pointed out to me how I can update my Facebook and Twitter statuses from Rockmelt.

It's on the left!

There's also some kind of "smart" RSS suggestions feature that passes you fresh sites based on your interests (StumbleUpon-esque?). I haven't yet figured out how that works though.

Thanks, guys. Maybe I'll give this another go (but that laggage, man... find a way to work it out!).


David DeMello said...

Hi Ange.

You did see that little icon in the top left corner from which you can post fb/twitter updates, right?

That noted, I think I hate it too, just because I can't shake the nagging feeling that it's all a bit creepy. I'm still exploring, but it will be hard to knock Chrome off it's hill in my little world.

Angela Natividad said...

Hi, David. Thanks for telling me about the status update thing.

You're right that it's creepy, and I sometimes wonder if Chrome is less creepy. My concern about being so forthright, so accustomed, to sharing so much of our information with friends is that it changes norms. And as norms change, it won't seem so unusual when one day we're punished for not sharing something.

Hopefully we sort all this out as we go.

Howie-Shizzle said...

Since I was not notified of this blog post you must be punished. You also left out what you ate this morning and how many steps it takes to walk to the closest Cafe. You are not playing by the rules and I am notifying Eric Cartman now.

Angela Natividad said...

I'm sorry, Howie. You know I try to do my best. That's why I keep the Notebook of Moves and General Twitches.