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29 April 2010

More "I'm On a Horse!" Old Spice Appropriations

That people keep taking the dialogue of this Old Spice ad, and interpreting it the way they like, is a tribute to the work's contagious quality and the brand's success in reinventing itself for a weirdly diverse new audience. (Who'd've guessed? And VO5, are you paying attention?)

This one is still my favourite though.

Old Spice deserves credit for being willing to let its brand navigate uncharted waters, and for not punishing users for their enthusiasm. It's kind of sad that we're still at a point where we actually have to thank brands for behaving like that, but I'm hoping we're moving in a direction where companies are less reluctant to trust their most powerful salespeople.


Me said...

Came across this ad a few weeks ago and was so entertained. I watched it a good 6 times in a row. These follow up videos are pretty cool, that people took the idea and ran with it in their own (semi-Lonely Planet style) way. Cheers!

Howie said...

Fantabulous Awesomeness. I do like the second better but the first kid is funny. He is going to be buffer than Mustaffa when he gets older and whoever slid the horse under him from behind the curtain on cue has a career in production ahead of them.