Angela Natividad's Live & Uncensored!

07 April 2010

The Industry Reacts to Humongo

Quite possibly the cutest agency promo in all the land for the next half-hour. I love how Darryl Ohrt has this oh-please-not-me attitude and then, faced with having to rename his agency, he's like, "Oh! Humongo!"

The vid features "reactions to Humongo" by Alex Bogusky, Scott Monty and Ashton Kutcher. Kinda. (You can almost smell his hat hair.)

Can't wait to see the humongo work that'll come out and efface all this self-effacingness. (Can I say either of those words?) Also, if you feel like it, listen to Darryl talk about things he likes in AdVerve Episode 14: Music Madness.


darryl ohrt said...

I like that I got my name in a post on Live and Uncensored with the word "cute" in it.

Oh, and how my name appeared first in this post, followed by Alex Bogusky a full paragraph later. Clearly I am very, very important now. This is beyond cute. It's ginormously massive and huge.

Howie at Sky Pulse Media said...

I personally loved the Street Art Montage just as much. But then I come from street art...or some think the street in general. Any street. Normally with homeless and trash... why being born in Manhattan comes with such baggage I have no idea. I will say this promotional spot was really fun and humorous. Especially since I had never seen a picture of any of the people...I thought they were just urban myths.