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26 April 2010

AdVerve Episode 28: Failed America Edition

Well, if we didn’t anger the gods last show, Where’s My Jetpack’s Dave Wilke helps us bat clean-up. This time out, we collectively diss the failed promise that was supposed to be a greener, cleaner Jetpack in every home. Oh, and we give Jack Bauer a little what for too. French politics and marble countertops? Well, ya just hafta listen to find out! More Dave on Twitter as well as a lotta places else!

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00:00 – 1. Intro to a failed America

15:06 – 2. Jack Bauer saves America

23:10 – 3. Maps

28:48 – 4. Watching you

41:08 – 5. A Return To Americana

1:05:30 – 6. Wrap


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