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07 April 2010

Life Moves Fast; Modernista, Not Fast Enough

Word on the street has it that, following the rise and fall of all those surreal ads that gave us Oasis Project nightmares, and consequently bungling the debut of a really awesome product, Palm has given agency Modernista the shaft.

Sucks for Modernista, given that Cadillac recently also cut it loose. A boutique shop can't afford the loss of too many big-label clients in succession. It also sucks for us, because the ad above, which launched last month, tells us Modernista finally found its Palm Pre stride.

Too little too late. It's not exceptional, but it should've been the launch work: anything, really, that showed how using multiple apps at once, on a nice clean interface, can bring method to a multi-tasker's life.

Better luck next product. And if you're an agency on the market for a flub to fix, here's your chance: Palm's looking.

Thanks to Atif, the haut-tech emperor of Ithaca, for passing this over to me.

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