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22 April 2010

Chose Promise Chose Due

My friend Bertrand, who corrects my French and runs the blog VOTW, recently divulged his Master Scheme™ of surreptitiously loading his blog on an iPad and then taking a picture that wouldn't make it super obvious that he was in the Apple Store. I laughed at him and, with crystalline calm, he assuaged my bitter jealousy by promising to take a picture of my blog on the iPad too.

And he did!

You can read his review of the iPad ovah heah: he makes small complaints about its weight, but apart from that it's a "beautiful instrument" that surfs fast and boasts exceptional image quality. The part I consider most worth remembering, though, is when he concludes by saying, "I impatiently await the versions to come."

Of late and as buzz intensifies, I'm feeling more and more tempted to score one of these devices. And it's all I can do to say to myself, Calm the fuck down and at least wait for 2G.

In the meantime there's an iPhone, a Kindle and a clunky 4-year-old Macbook Pro at my disposal; what am I clamoring for? Chill, little nerves, chill. Now that it's here, there will be plenty to go around, and still more interesting things ahead.

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