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14 January 2010

AdVerve Episode 14: Music Madness

Music freaks, rejoice!

No, this won't be some sheisty Top 10 list. In this segment we talk about technology and its effect on music. From creating it to sharing and making money from it to where things are headed. WE GO THERE.

That we do this without mentioning Black Eyed Peas once is a testament to something, just not sure what.

Joining the fun is Darryl Ohrt and Matt Hunsberger from The Greatest Agency In All The Land. Find Darryl on Twitter; Matt can be found there and fronting Pop Heroes.

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00:00 – 1. Intro
01:17 – 2. James Cameron’s Tech Garage
03:32 – 3. Technology in music
30:01 – 4. Buy! Buy! Buy!
37:31 – 5. Pirates!
49:35 – 6. Selling out
57:23 – 7. Touring importance
01:04:23 – 14. That’s a wrap


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The Great Rashimoto said...
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The Great Rashimoto said...

Honestly the whole Auto-tune thing has destroyed it for me. I feel like an old woman ready to say to the young people of the upcoming generation "back in my day people really sang" the cycle continues as it did with our parents but the difference is music's continuing downward trend is alarming as talent is required less and less and image is what gets you by. Music will either hit rock bottom and have nowhere to go but up or the new norm will become the shit on the radio currently. I've boycotted the radio for about 3 years and honestly i don't miss it. At the same time, i refuse to PAY for radio. So i stick to the few artists that I know I love and buy their albums. I find though as many are converting to these new "sounds" mass manufactured by the industry my favorite artists are becoming only a small dwindling handful as their music becomes unbearable and drastically different in sound. I guess ultimately Technology will always have its pros and cons in the industry as it has with other things in life and in history in general. My only fear is will we get to a point where we will no longer be able to think for or take care of ourselves? That being said, the worlds of Ray Bradbury and Wall-E are colliding and becoming terribly real. It is what it is.