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29 September 2009

Alex Bogusky on Defining Success

Don't exaggerate. Don't complicate. Very humble versions of success can lead to a wonderful life adventure. You don’t have to make it seem grand for it to become grand as it becomes reality.
Don't settle for that one thought, though; there's plenty of good stuff in here. Read them all, and remember the road to becoming Homeless Gwen* is a long one, riddled with as much bet-hedging as risk-taking. So take calculated leaps of the latter.

(You can probably forget the last two sentences I wrote because I was just looking for a reason to shoehorn that homeless American Girls doll in somewhere. Her belt doubles as a headband!)

v for Alex + v for Gwen.


*Because that's what you're scared of, right? OK, probably less homelessness than abject mediocrity.

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