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10 September 2009

Traductions: Abusive Showers.

So me and The Man™ were sitting in a government lobby today, talking about my advancement in French. Comme d'habitude, dude raised hell* about how we should speak more French together and how I need to get over this being-shy thing.**

"Oui, je SAIS" -- yes, I know! -- I snapped.

He gave me this look -- the kind of look you give a wounded puppy on a hot deserted street -- and said, "Tu veux que je t'accable?" You want me to [ ] you?

I had this dumb-ho expression on my face, and he was all, "You don't know this word, accabler?"

I shook my head "no," so he busted out with this beat-up pocket FRENCH-ENGLISH dictionary that's probably older than me. Fortified with fresh anglais, he raised his head and said, "Would you like me to overwhelm you?"

Aww. That's cute. "I don't think that's the definition you're looking for," I said.

He nodded and dutifully turned back to the dictionary. Then, more earnestly this time: "Would you like me to shower abuse on you?"

At this I laughed so hard that the Gatekeeper at the accueil turned to us and hissed, "S'IL VOUS PLAIT!" So after that we STFO'ed, but not before I choked on my own spit and died.

Image credit: Armor Photo. I was actually looking for pictures of screaming military sergeants, but none were very good and this one was just...... could you not?


*Okay, it was more like furtive purgatory.
**I take classes now to help with this.

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