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01 October 2009

For Maximum Happiness...

...I may require these.

What is it about Maurice Sendak that resonates long after you're too old to ask an indulgent parent to tell you a story? Maybe it's that he doesn't shy away from the fears and the nasties that characterize being a kid. All those things that made you scared, and made you cruel, are put into their proper context: an innocence that comes with not knowing.

It's actually not so different from being grown up.

Anywho, the Contemporary Jewish Museum is running a Maurice Sendak exhibit, There's a Mystery There: Sendak on Sendak, from now 'til January 19th. I hope I can catch it sometime when I'm in the States. (Look look, it's even mommy blogger approved.)

Even if I miss it, try seeing it if you can. That's why I share these magical things: so you can do everything I can't, and on the day we can finally plug into the HiveMind™ it'll be like KAPOW!!!!! -- a seamless symbiosis of desires, experiences, skills and insights, where I can't see where my memories end and your fetishes begin, and our triumphs become collective, and we suffer with those in childbirth or agonizing pain, and......!

I mean, if you're into that.

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