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03 April 2011

'We Believe' Makes Me Want the iPad 2

Look at how this ad gets the message across. There is no sex appeal, no pop; it is quiet, feather-light and functional. I would like my life to be this way. I am halfway convinced that if I purchase this, I can pack my life inside it and it too will be quiet, feather-light and functional.

And then I will become a ballerina, and angels will sing when I put one foot before the other, and glints of sun or silver cloud lining will dance blithely across my pristine smooth cheek, and everyone will love me, and I will be famous.

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jeff kwiatek said...

I love this and agree with you 100%. It speaks to the core of what an apple product is.

I've often explained the difference between a windows product and apple product as: look what it *can* do vs. look what it does. The line "when technology gets out of the way everything becomes more delightful" sums up that point better than I ever have.

now where's the nearest apple store?