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14 April 2011

EASTPAK Play: Making an Accessory of Man

...and if your life is defined by your backpack, which it often is in high school, that's basically what you are, right? As subject to whimsy as the vermillion knapsack that matches your baby tee.

I didn't really get this ad at first, and my head mostly filled with evil ideas of people with Eastpaks flinging themselves off rooftops and summits. But then I was like "OMG IT'S TETRIS," and my pupils expanded to about 8 times the size of my head. Mariachis and the wolf mask gave it an extra special something, too: Eastpak going into slightly deranged, but still strangely titillating, Burger King territory.

Here's the Facebook, where the vid's being propagated:

110,805 lovers already! And just for Eastpak France. NAHCE. But the whole thing would be cooler still if we really could play human Tetris on the page: as it stands, we're baited into thinking we can (joue le jeu! They even made me Like to get this far!), but really all it does is re-play the ad. Booooo.

Nice work by WE ARE FROM LA and production company Caviar.

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