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20 April 2011

In Case You Ever Doubted the Industry Was on Drugs

When I was younger I told a friend, then in the business of childrens' entertainment, that I had the hots for Darien from Sailor Moon and that I wondered if there was something wrong with me. He quickly reassured me by saying that people who work on cartoons talk about bangable characters all the time. It's a thing.

I guess we all have a thing like that, although you're still forced to wonder why Kate Moss invites the gazing public into imagining hers is bunnies.

I don't understand why this happened. But I guess whatever your fetish, wear a condom...?*

Via the Nuddstah chez AdFreak.


*As for whether shopping at the Basement will get you impregnated in your sleep, it's a question I don't even dare pose.

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