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15 April 2011

What is Media Planning (Then vs Now)?

Here's a nice, simple presentation that breaks down what media planning used to be, what it's evolved into, and why. It also breaks the core of media planning down nicely: we're working with principles now, not rules.

The latter was great for creating barriers between companies and people, which was highly profitable, but not realistic or sustainable. The former is more vague and harder to quantify, but it forces you to stay intimately connected to users and innovators because they are the ones whose behaviours, sentiments and feedback will lead you.

How hard can that be? About as hard as you, on your own, trying to be a better person every single day of your life. Except scaled. Enormously. *shrug*

And in the end, doesn't that make sense? We've spent years trying to get people to feel emotions for brands as if they were human, concurrently creating laws that treat companies as if they are autonomous entities. Forcing them to comport themselves according to the standards of Ethical Man seems like a natural expectation.

That was an enormous digression. Sorry, guys.


Howie-Shizzle said...

I disagree. I feel the old way (I haven't gone through the slides yet) was more profitable for the agencies than the Brands. Just my opinion. The fact that we never had proof of anything...just an agency saying trust me the ads are working they see your commercials..when it really could never be proven shows a dysfunctional industry. I have a blog post in the works that will make Mr. Parker proud minus his colorful language. Maybe I can find a away to use some!

Lena said...

I believe with evolving internet technologies media planning in specific and marketing in general has become altogether much more detrimental to the consideration phase of a sales funnel.

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