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12 April 2011

Burton's New Website Punts Merch by Weather

Your weather, that is. And it's curiously accurate. Here's what I see when I hit up the new (...and improved!)

I actually do want one of those sleeveless hoodies, if only because Paris weather is so schizophrenic that you never really know when you'll need head coverage, even while the hair's being burnt off your arms. Plus, burnt orange is the colour this year. (I swear, I almost bought orange shoes this weekend. Luckily I was surrounded by those who love me.)

The bottom half of the page is loaded with "timelines" of the Burton team and hyper-produced lifestyle videos inspired by E's "Wild On" (for those of you who remember the climax of Brooke Burke's career):

You'll also find job opportunities (lots!) and -- at the very bottom -- a series of big fat buttons that let you shop backpacks, men's tees and women's hoodies. That's arbitrary. But if your original reason for visiting the site was going shopping in any case, you can click on the "shop online" button in the upper right-hand corner, where a login button normally sits. I guess for now we'll ignore the fact that, once in the E-store, half of the nav is in German. But that makes sense as they only speak German in Europe.

(Even in Paris, whose name -- and whose weather! -- the homepage nailed perfectly. WTF, mate?)

Hat-tip: Influencia.

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