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03 April 2011

I Am at MIPTV This Week. You Should Follow Along!

Once yearly I hit MIPTV to find out, and report on, what the world's networks and producers are passing around to appease the seething throng. You should follow along because our wee little team is covering all the sessions quite thoroughly. Where to go:

  • The MIPWorld Blog. All our "liveblogs" will go up about half an hour after each session, complete with photos. (Videos of each session come up a day later.)
  • The MIP Twitter account @_mip_.
  • My Twitter account @luckthelady (although @_mip_ will be infinitely more relevant and all-encompassing. But you can follow me too for the occasional intelligent reflection and group project.
To situate you a bit, or if you have no idea what MIPTV is all about, self-orient with my pre-show post on what I most look forward to. I will be covering many of these topics and plenty of others, too. Stuff I covered today:
Don't you feel smarter already? I kind of do but that might just be frozen headache. (Häagen-Dazs.)

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