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22 June 2010

@DavidonDemand: Man at the Mercy of The Internets

Yesterday Chelsi and I had the curious experience of meeting @DavidonDemand.

Here's the story: David Perez, creative recruiter over at Leo Burnett Chicago, really wanted to come to Cannes. In its infinite kindness, LB found a practical reason to send him: he could promote Wildfire, the agency's self-conscious celebration of spontaneity in the art and craft of modern marketing.

So for the next seven days, this poor sod is strapped to a live feed. His job: to do everything Twitter tells him to do.

Can you imagine being at the mercy of the lulz internet for a week straight? It's not a destiny I'd inflict on just anybody. But when we found him yesterday he'd only had the feed on for 2 hours, and he seemed optimistic about the whole thing - despite our expressed misgivings. See for yourself.

The internet offered us a drink! We did a little car-dodging so he could make good on Twitter's word, but then somebody told him to get on a tram or something so he left. Before that though, here's the three of us, walkin' off into the horizon with panache:

24 hours later, we found out he got a tattoo. This is @Davidondemand today:

I mentioned to Ask Wappling that it seems like he's lost the vibrant lust for life he had yesterday. It's gonna be guns and ammo by week's end if Twitter doesn't tighten its razor grip - and apparently The People seem disinterested in telling him to eat and sleep, so he hasn't had much of that, either.

"You can tweet me a nap later if you want," he said weakly as he ambled off toward the next adventure. (When it's working, the live feed seems to indicate he's on a boat right now.) Follow the shenanigans of the one guy whose life will forever be changed at Cannes over at

And maybe light a candle for him or something.

Walking photos courtesy of David on Demand.


Chris Havranek said...

After meeting David I wasn't surprised when I heard about this. The internet is a relentless, cruel, and occasionally hilarious person. Now, I'm just waiting for a Wayans Bros. movie to come out based on this now.

Angela Natividad said...

Don't say it out loud, someone will hear and make it come true.