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02 June 2010

AdVerve Episode 33: Harry Webber and The High King’s Oil Spill

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All kinds of magic this week, folks, and not the kind that requires a wand. We sit down with ad land myth-cum-legend Harry Webber and hash out The Facts of Life for ya: Agencies’ historical role as a government front, plus why Millennials are doomed, social media experts are full of shit, and BP will go back to business as usual.

Amidst all that, we still find the time to outline the iron hand of religion (and how we'll NEVER BE FREE), the most important thing Harry's learned in his working life, and what really made Michael Jackson bitter. (Hint: It wasn’t Jesus Juice jokes.)

Also, Harry really wants you to watch this movie. IT WILL EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Catch him on Twitter too.

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