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29 June 2010

AdVerve Episode 36: Copycats

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Don’t pretend like you don’t know. ADS THAT HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE. Like, the exact same ones before.

Joe La Pompe from joins us for a discussion on twin ads: copycats or coincidences? This unfortunate yet inherent aspect of the advertising world is alive and well, trust. As if that weren’t enough, Åsk Wäppling, editor and publisher of (Dabitch on Twitter), joins us for une petite Wrap of Cannes.

This all occurs amidst hotel lobby slash cafe madness. Madness which includes topics like anonymous bloggers (and why we’re not), Facebook and that smarty smart Mark fella, and life in Cannes come ad time.

Joe can be found on Twitter and also has a new book out called Nouveau? (Only available on Amazon in France at this time. American pubs, give him a shout.)

UPDATE: We asked friend of the show Michael McSunas (AdLawGuy on Twitter), to confirm a point we made regarding the posting of ads on blogs. He says:

“Ads are not in the public domain once they run - that is why ad agencies technically need the consent of the advertisers to put those ads on their websites. There is a fair use exception to copyright infringement which permits the use of copyrighted works for purposes of criticism, comment, news, scholarship and teaching BUT fair use is limited to showing/reproducing only as much as necessary to accomplish your purpose. There is basically no bright line rule - unfortunately.”

Basically, we’re both technically right and wrong in posting ads.

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