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23 June 2010

Twilight and Volvo Don't Quite an Immortal Make

There's what you can expect: being kissed. Desired. Loved. Missed.

Don't the Twilight vampires drive, like, Porsches and Range Rovers?*

What deluded** 13 year old girl would go Team Volvo? Maybe the idea was to aim for their moms?

...And who wrote that stunningly awesome narrative?

Via et via.


*Correction: apparently Edward drives a Volvo. It's his "fitting in with humans" car.

**They think vampires SPARKLE!


Howie said...

Trying to think what was similar back when I was in High School. I don't think I would of gone to see Twilight. I wasn't listening to Wham! or wearing a shirt that said RELAX so I doubt I would of seen Twilight but damn its the best selling movie franchise that gets the worst reviews ever.

Michelle C said...

Hilarious find on the Twilight Moms