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01 March 2010

Verizon Takes the Piss Out of Big Red

"You'll watch YouTube on a horse*!"

Excellent. And I love how it depicts compulsive phone-checkers as complete face-to-face contact cretins, because that's what we've become, plus it totally goes against the get-closer ideal presented in the original Big Red ad. "So kiss a little longer..." Baby, NOT WITHOUT CHATROULETTE ON.

For the .02% of you that'll undoubtedly go, "What's Verizon on about?" -- come on, you know the one!

Unless it plans to do something neat with the whole "Big Red" thing (which I don't really see happening), would be cool to see more kitschy nostalgic hat-tips from Verizon. ("Zestfully Clean" is just askin' for it!) With all the variety in mobile, won't be hard to find the one somewhat-relavant tie-in that brings it all together. (You know, like taking the name of Big Red gum and using it to refer to how the map of the US is covered in "big red!" splotches that represent Verizon's service area.) =P


*The horse is definitely the statement-maker this year. Consider. It is almost enough to make you want one, just to have around, you know, as an uncomfortable conversation piece. Or you can actually become a serious equestrian and learn how to ride in the middle of a big urban city, which in some ways would be funnier. My dad did this a few years ago and the goddamn horse bit me. He later sold it to a girl who trains horses for rescue service. So that valiant little nipper is still out there somewhere, maybe in the Swiss Alps, putting Saint Bernards out of work.


Meia said...

Awesome Verizon.

Chris Havranek said...

Yeah,I enjoyed that ad until I saw it 10,000 times while watching a combination of Hulu and CBS online. It was the only ad they had running unfortunately ruining it for me.

Angela Natividad said...

Chris -- yeah, that's where I saw it too. This is a big hulu problem: the medium's cheaper than TV, so why not run this same ad OVER AND OVER AND OVER until everybody dies?!