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30 March 2010

For All You Flight of the Conchords Fans Out There...

Murray is back! Harrassing Annie Leibovitz, no less, and for Chrissakes will somebody please give this man a naked baby, stat.

Murray knows a little somethin' about a Freudian couch, har har. Part and parcel of HP's latest campaign, Let's Do Amazing -- which is putting our favourite busybody New Zealander to good use. THEY DIDN'T EVEN CHANGE HIS HAIR.

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Howie at Sky Pulse Media said...

I love the HP commercials. Too bad my 18 month old Compaq Laptop died last fall and HP said sorry these things happen. So while I was able to switch Laptop brands easy enough, they offered the best laser printer for my money and I couldn't punish myself by punishing a brand. Very few brands or products have such power.