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26 March 2010

AdVerve Episode 24: The Lost Edition

Aka, the make-up-for-being-late-this-week edition, not the *show* Lost. SUCKA!

We cover it all: Monkey AIDS conspiracy theories. Warren Buffet’s dance of love. Bob Garfield’s comments of... whatever they are. I break down the difference between American and French dogs. Both, it seems, need a certain degree of therapy.

We recap Parisian tech conference techness, why your privacy is an illusion—and why people still don’t care. Five Minutes With... features Aaron Strout, CMO of Powered. (On Twitter too.) We also manage to get the show in under an hour, based on our crowdsourced fan poll. (Gonna try to do a 30-minute show sometime. No promises; WE'RE GONNA TRY.)

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00:00 – 1. French dogs
03:23 – 2. Lostcast
04:47 – 3. Annie Vuitton
07:08 – 4. Tech, crunched
10:49 – 5. Fun with AIDS conspiracies
14:53 – 6. All the Wiki that’s fit to print
18:29 – 7. Bowie vs. Gervais
20:11 – 8. Chatroulette Piano Guy
22:36 – 9. Welcome to Google World™
24:15 – 10. The *other* B.G.
30:38 – 11. Evil NestlĂ© and animal testing
42:13 – 12. Ben Stiller’s new shitty movie
43:34 – 13. Five Minutes With... Aaron Strout
48:35 – 13. Privacy? HA!


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howie at skypulsemedia said...

All this content for free? And all delivered in less than 10 minutes? This is a way better bargain than listening to my neighbor rant about the problems he is having in his garden (like I care) or Tues Bingo Nights at the Church of Scientology Center. Can I now cancel my Ad Week Subscription too? Oh wait I don't have one.

Well I am pumped just going to brew me some Genmaicha and I am ready to hit play.