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24 February 2010

AdVerve Episode 20: Call 1-800-AD-LAW-GUY

Have you or a loved one been injured by an ad or TV commercial? Call us. Now! Michael McSunas, @adlawguy on Twitter and a lawyer in real life, joins us for an episode wrought with disclaimer madness.

From images in the public domain, to why you can’t use that song you didn’t pay for, we nail it all. *smacks back of your head* Really? You needed to be told you can’t use that song in your spot without paying?!

We also break down why social media agencies would be advised to call Michael. His firm has him travel around the country and give presentations to ad agencies and brands on what things they might not be aware of when it comes to copyright issues.

(Email Michael for more info: mmcsunas *at* cbslawfirm *dot* com. It’s free for any agency interested. The catch? None. It's a self-promotional tool for his firm. So there.)

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00:00 – 1. Intro
02:47 – 2. Call 1-800-Social Media law
49:44 – 3. They wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t free
1:01:35 – 4. That’s a wrap...


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