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24 January 2010

On Why We Launched a Podcast ... in a Podcast.

Social media manager Esteban Contreras of Samsung (@socialnerdia) was recently kind enough to have Bill Green and me on his Social Nerdia podcast. We discuss social media, up-and-coming versus traditional agencies, the merits of having a complete context (no matter WHAT you've been asked to do for a client) and why Bill and I launched AdVerve.

I haven't thought much about the "why" since its launch, but talking about it forced us to put the essence of our 'cast into words. We didn't just want to create something that deconstructs the ad industry (consider our sexism, ageism and racism shows); we wanted to do something that honours where creativity comes from: everywhere! -- in pop culture, in the news, in unusual facts and funny anecdotes between friends, in beautiful pictures.

Here, for example, is a tree reconstructed inside jars, by Naoko Ito:

We also talked about the different types of work we've done, and listed our gripes about PR (which Bill and I have already decided to peddle into a fresh AdVerve show).

Listen to our Social Nerdia ep; Contreras also wrote a really nice, all-encompassing piece about the discussion.

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