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06 January 2010

What IS the Appeal of that Blanket with Sleeves?

Consumer Reports burrows into the science of attraction behind infomercial products, including ShamWow, Snuggie, PedEgg and Slap Chop.


The fun starts with dramatizations of a problem you didn't know you had, followed by the incredible solution, then a series of ever more amazing product benefits, bonuses, and giveaways, all leading to the final thrilling plunge of an unbelievably low price. After the ride, Lindstrom says, "dopamine levels drop in 5 or 6 minutes. That's why infomercials ask you to buy in the next 3 minutes."

Now excuse me while I futz with my non-functioning Handi-Stitch for the umpteenth time.

1 comment:

David said...

And they forgot...

"But that's not all! Turn it around and it transforms instantly into a luxurious and plush robe! Order now and we'll include the matching sash absolutely free!"