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07 January 2010

AdVerve Episode 13: Bloggers Suck

It’s harder for us to title these things anymore since we go off in so many different directions in each show now. The timestamp breakdown gives you a semblance of what we covered, from dudes who love cars a little too much to my new giggity-giggity* gigs.

The topics we spend the most time on include how blogs are still not taken seriously by “real” journalists (or some ad agencies), and the fear about being too open on them. The show devolves into a cultural ceviche from there.

We also have back a regular feature, 5 Minutes With..., featuring Matt McDermott of Renegade. (Follow him on Twitter as well as on the agency's blog.)

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00:00 – 1. Intro and Angela’s new thangs
06:30 – 2. Speak no blog evil
22:37 – 3. Bloggers aren’t journalists
25:49 – 4. When is young too young?
33:42 – 5. Bad credit? No credit? No problem!
35:45 – 6. Money edumacation
38:48 – 7. 5 minutes with... Matt McDermott
44:49 – 8. Feeling irregular
47:30 – 9. European New Year’s
50:10 – 10. Everywhere is home
51:56 – 11. AmeriFrench cuisine
55:12 – 12. Memorize!
59:11 – 13. Current currentness
01:10:06 – 14. That’s a wrap


Psychological violence under fire in France.
Alice Cooper in Germany.
Car lover dude.
Fashion wunderkind Tavi Gevinson.
The Cablevision mess.
Super petaflop.

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*I'm trying to stop doing this.

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