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16 June 2009

Inklust #5: The Daily Baptism

I am the cleanest woman in the world, not from love of cleanliness but from a passion for water. The same passion will make it impossible for me to die anywhere but in an Arab city by the sea. Water is the first element. My first element. I felt the truth of this on my skin, even before I read it in books. Even before reading this Hadith from the Prophet to his daughter Fatima, on the eve of her wedding to 'Ali ibn Ali Talib: "Wash yourself ever with water; thus, when your husband looks at you, he shall delight in you."

I washed myself with water; thus, when I looked at myself, I was delighted.

-- The Proof of the Honey, Salwa Al Neimi

About the image: "Young Lady Bathing" by Rafael.

What the dickens is "Inklust"? Boy am I glad you asked. Here's the manifesto: part I and part II.

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