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02 June 2009

'So Billy Got Fired ... So Billy Didn't Have a Job ... So Billy's Wife Had Him Killed.'

I love BooneOakley's new website-cum-YouTube video.

It's cool that there's an agency out there that's willing to try new things, and be seriously fucking funny, without worrying about looking chill or getting some faint-hearted person's panties all in a twist.


Ben Kunz said...

Yeah, the ax-in-the-head thing did get my attention. I've been on the fence about the look-at-us-we're-wild-and-carefree-and-can-drop-F-bombs-and-bloody-gore type of agency self-promo but BooneOakley nailed it.

It's all about breaking through. Smart marketing clients should appreciate that.

M.M. McDermott said...

You're right, BK: smart clients will appreciate it.

But even better: dumb ones won't.