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07 June 2009

Vive les Mamans !

Mother's Day is the second-largest gift-giving day in the United States (behind Christmas), and for good reason: last year it was rated the most personally important holiday among women with children.

Which explains why my mom flies off the handle whenever I forget.

This year I get the mildly jarring pleasure of sharing my birthday with Mother's Day in France. (Chelsi: "Heh. When you're old, your kids are totally gonna double up your gifts.")

Bonne Fête des Mères, doting dames. Here's a sampling of the Mother's Day ads I saw around Paris this week. (If they're any authority, la mère française typique is no baby-swaddling Rosie, I'll tell you what.)

(courtesy of le_monde_de_maude.)

And my favourite...

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