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21 June 2009

Chanel Paris-Moscou

Was walking on La Croisette when I saw this display for Chanel's Paris-Moscou line. I love how tight-jawed the models look -- so grist-of-life Russian -- and if you look closely at the items, you can see Soviet Bloc-inspired flourishes. Par exemple: the gloves on the white-clad model below have shiny rows of buttons with geometrical red, black and gold designs.

If you're just that bored and have no idea why I find Paris-Moscou so compelling, read my gush-fest about the Constructivist style, which tends to rear its head when economic times get tough and people grow grim and financially/aesthetically discreet.

Unlike Saks Fifth Avenue, which is sort of campy with it, Lagerfeld reinvigorates Constructivist motifs with elegance and force.

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