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14 May 2009

Experiments in Inklust

Being back in California makes me anxious. As a result, I am devouring books with the gasping, gulping desperation of someone drowning -- or of one intent on drowning herself with ink.

To put all this literature to (what I hope is) good use, I'm going to try this new thing where I post a daily quote from whatever book I happen to be reading. Sometimes the quotes will be in English, other times they will be in French (translations optional, depending on whether I think I can do the original text justice), because I'm also trying this other thing where I alternate between English and French texts.

Logic follows that if reading voraciously as a kid taught me to speak well in English, the same method should help form a solid linguistic foundation in my adopted tongue.

On verra. In the meantime, French-speakers can feel free to correct me. =P

Today's quote:

Garder un appartement propre, gai et vide de mauvais ki changerait l'image que nous donnons aux autres, même si nous sommes à mille lieues de notre habitation. Nous devons rester en union parfaite avec notre intérieur, où que nous soyons. Laissez une maison impeccable en partant au bureau le matin et toute votre journée s'en trouvera transformée !

Maintaining a clean apartment, cheery and devoid of negative energy, alters the image we convey to others, even if we're a thousand miles away from home. It's imperative to maintain a harmonious union with the space we inhabit. When you leave an impeccable home behind you in the morning, your entire day is transformed!
-- L'Art de la Simplicité, Dominique Loreau

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