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15 June 2009

Futzing with Gchat Vid Chat.

Witness, ye, as Chelsi and I bring our occasionally antagonistic Gchat relationship to a whole new level: AUDIOVISUAL.

The verdict on Gchat Video: not much laggage or pixellation, and it took just a couple of minutes to download the necessary software. Feedback isn't as bad as on Skype, plus it's neat when we full-screen because it's like she's sitting right in front of my face, closer than LIFE. Which makes it incredibly startling when one of us screams suddenly or betrays an I-think-you're-full-of-shit expression.

Also, I got to show her:
  • The cut I got from a Saturday morning accident involving a knife and strawberry jam
  • My saucy white French Band-Aids (okay, not Band-Aids; pansements) with silver on the padding (for better healing!)
  • How the vaseline here comes IN A TUBE!
This is the kind of stuff technology enables overseas friends to do.

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