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25 June 2009

Cannes Lions: Soaking in Saint Antoine with Shannon

The other night I had dinner with Shannon Stephaniuk of Glossy Inc. Because she's an old-school Ad Fest attendee, she brought me up the narrow, picturesque Rue Saint Antoine -- one of the staples of Old Town Cannes, where few fresh ad folk venture.

Ended up having dinner on the terrasse at Le Chaperon Rouge, where foie gras comes cooked and snails are extra-salty. We also experienced more than our fair share of pupil-dilating Priceless! moments, two of which I managed to record.

(Granted, they both happen to be street-guys-for-profit moments, but that's life in the jungle for you.)

Brazilian acrobatics:

Gypsy-crooned La Vie en Rose. Also, Shannon seizes this opportunity to dispel a suspicion that the Perlorian Brothers' Michael Gelfand has been floating:

"Angela, we're fuckin' lucky!" Shannon says, leaning back as far as her stool will permit her. "It's beautiful and we're having wine at dusk in Cannes."

Because I can't think of anything more profound than that, and possibly also because I belong behind a monitor and not engaging with the public, I go, "....Yup."

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