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19 May 2009

Inklust #2: Anatomy of a Smile

This is post #2 in my Inklust experiment, where I post a quote from whatever text I happen to be reading. None of the passages have to be particularly profound, but people have a way of constructing contexts -- personal omens -- where there otherwise may be none.

That's part of what I think is so interesting about this project. If the quotes affect you in some weird way, then the undertaking will have been worth the toil. So weave at heart's content:
But Perry had told him, "The eye doesn't matter. Because you have a wonderful smile. One of those smiles that really work." It was true that the tightening action of a smile contracted his face into its correct proportions, and made it possible to discern a less unnerving personality -- an American-style "good kid" with an outgrown crew cut, sane enough but not too bright.
-- In Cold Blood, Truman Capote

Image credit: glitter feet.

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