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25 June 2009

Cannes Lions: More Ambient Guilt Lubrication.

Hey, Cannes Lions delegates! Have a big heaping slice of buzzkill, brought to you by Weisser Ring!

I get that these are all for a good cause. Given the appropriate context, these particular pieces are damn stirring. But given that this image ornaments the exterior of the Palais and these ads plaster the interior, you gotta wonder: which sadistic member of the ad festival planning committee picked out this year's damaged kids décor?


Nicolas Huvé said...

I gotta disagree with you a bit about the Act expo. Coming from a different background, I am not an advertizing insider per say and naturally had some prejudices about this industry and the fundamentals of its activity (communication vs. manipulation). Visiting the Act Expo during my first Cannes festival actually reconciled me with this business. I realized that the great talents, creativity and imagination of ad-makers are not only exploited to brain-wash me into buying detergent but can make me reflect on real issues. While I don't find the exterior poster really commendable, the expo itself was thought provoking, disturbing even. If we talk about buzzkill, it should be in a good way. Let's chock as most people deserve to be. While eating their cocktail food, the industry's actors should realize that a few kilometers away, others eat rocks.
I'm no radical, I'm no tree hugger, I had fun in Cannes but I know Act Expo showed the best advertizing can offer.
Tck tck tck...

Angela Natividad said...

The Act Expo was fantastic; this was stuff from the Palais. Still have to upload my Expo footage.

I'm certainly with you about the power of cause advertising, however; stuff at Act was a good tribute to how the industry isn't just a big propaganda machine for brands. In many ways it teaches how to be (ideally responsible) adults.

*Tck tck tck*

Nicolas Huvé said...

Down with that. I am pleasantly surprised to see the ad industry attuned to global social and economic concerns with some level of selflessness. Since it doesn't necessarily generate money, I hope it's not just a trend but a real change in the way we see business.
I am a bit skeptical tho, this is a greedy system we live in.