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23 July 2008

Capping the Lens on Shoot! the Day

Here's a picture AdWeek took of my panel making awesome faces:

Gotta love the awkward.

I just posted a fairly complete synopsis of my Shoot! the Day thoughts on Adrants. A few things I didn't say for lack of space:
  • PhotoShelter's got passion behind it, including friendly employees and PR people you genuinely want to know. Not to mention good online outreach (they kept hitting Adrants up even when we talked shit, which we like to do), and social media savvy. (I overheard agency peeps and photographers confess to reading PhotoShelter's blog; plus, all panels will be podcasted. Not even ad:tech does that. The irony.)
  • I don't think anybody in the audience was Twittering. Okay, totally different world.
  • The vibe was way casual. Couldn't work out whether it was a freelance thing or a PhotoShelter thing; they probably feed into one another.
  • Not much mention of Flickr or Creative Commons, which I thought was odd given the licensing concerns. It's possible nobody really knows about compfight, which enables users to search Flickr specifically for Creative Commons-protected work. It's also possible that most Flickr stuff is hit-or-miss, and most Flickr users simply aren't professionals.
Onto the next project: ad:tech Chicago in less than two weeks!


Candace said...

I love your shoes... where are they from? You look very academic, like an authority figure!

Angela Natividad said...

I got the shoes in Miami, but you can get them (cheaper, even) here:

There's a little bit of red that peeps out in the base of the toe. Second to the Louboutin red-soles, it's walking sex.

MissMoll said...

I liked your pictures of our crew in the VIP room much more. Good thing this one is all over the web.