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19 July 2008

Interrogating Agency Art Directors and Buyers for Shoot! the Day

Hello, Bessie. Via RoyaltyFreePhotos.

Tomorrow I'll be moderating a panel for Shoot! the Day, a stock photography conference put together by PhotoShelter. (See a recent study related to the topic.)

My panel is at 12:15pm. It will include:
  • Belinda Lopez, Senior Art Buyer, Strawberry Frog
  • Wanda Lau, Senior Art Director, Greater Than One
  • Jen Santiago, Managing Art Buyer, G2 Direct & Digital
  • Molly Aaker, Art Buyer, Unit7
My two biggest fears: 

1) making a Twitter joke

2) boring my audience, which will consist of professional photographers. I'm clearly not one of them, and I won't do justice to their angstiest stock photo/ad agency concerns, so I'll be leaving plenty of room for Audience Questions!.

Read about other Shoot! the Day panels at the PhotoShelter blog. And if you'd like to come watch me make awkward jokes and commit cheesy faux-pas, here's how to volunteer for a free pass.

I realize this is extremely last-minute. That was intentional, to minimize attendance and reduce the likelihood of damage to my id. (She is vixeny, but sensitive.)

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