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16 July 2008

You Wanna Blend Me a What?

In an ongoing quest to keep up with the non-luxury joneses, Starbucks goes into smoothies. Meanwhile, its stock plummets dramatically.

Update: actually, the stock's up 5.67 percent today (that's 0.77 cents). Maybe people like the idea of health smoothies at a coffee shop.

Then again, we already have one D*lush -- which has been doing coffees, blended drinks and smoothies for about seven years -- and it's got all the sex appeal SBUX left behind.

I first came across D*lush in San Diego around 2001. I totally dug the brand experience -- enough to buy a shirt -- but then again I was heavy into pink and blue. =P Plus, when you walk in for the first time, all the employees shout "WE'VE GOT A VIRGIN!"

They're so cute. And apparently they shimmied into Dubai this year. See D*lush promo stuff here.

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Paul said...

I didn't know you moved your blog.