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22 July 2008

Schwarzenegger on Obama, Environmentalism

Excerpted from Schwarzenegger Suggests He’s Open to Post Under Obama:
Mr. Schwarzenegger endorsed Mr. McCain in January, in part for what he called Mr. McCain’s “great vision in protecting the environment.” But Mr. Obama, a Democrat, has praised Mr. Schwarzenegger’s efforts against climate change in California and mentioned his name in discussions of possible cabinet officers.

That apparently prompted George Stephanopoulos, the moderator of “This Week,” to ask Mr. Schwarzenegger whether he would take a phone call from Mr. Obama if he was calling with an offer to be his energy and environment czar.

“I’d take his call now, and I’d take his call when he’s president — any time,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said. “Remember, no matter who is president, I don’t see this as a political thing. I see this as we always have to help, no matter what the administration is.”
I know this is an unpopular position, but I really like Arnold Schwarzenegger and what he's done for California. I like his idealism and his life story. I like that in so many ways he is young and politically naive and he doesn't care; he's a force that feels conviction and acts on it. And his convictions match mine.

Post link-love, here's a verbatim reaction from a blog buddy: "Wow. What a whore." Yeah, well.

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