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27 June 2008

Gold Foil, Creamy Middle, Dirty Fingers

I got to try a Starbucks truffle today. It came in an unmarked, shiny package and was pleasant taste-wise, but no grande of a turn-on. (Contrary to what the photo suggests, however, it does not have a creamy cottonball center.)

One thing I never understood about Starbucks: why hasn't it seriously tried exploring dark chocolate? If it wants to play up its "luxury destination" cachet, it ought to know nothing goes better on a cultured tongue than a frothy cappuccino melting over 70% cacao. 

Coffee "liqueur," loyalty program, Mickey-Mouse truffles, copies of Kite Runner. The topless mermaid isn't getting anywhere with her grocery store mindset.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*TOTALLY AGREE.* Caramel, Chai, and all that other crap is one thing. But I would cross the street for a dark chocolate anything.