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23 June 2008

It's the Ithaca Parade!

The Ithaca Festival -- which natives dub "the weekend we celebrate the departure of the college students!" -- kicked off with a huge parade last Thursday. Benj and I came early so we could score good viewing spots. (I also wanted to be very close to the people throwing candy. My scheme was a great success.)

"I am Ithaca" was the theme (complete with papier maché tiki man) and all species of Ithacan were represented: marathon runners, middle-aged mermaids, makeshift gypsies, the Leche League (see giant breastfeeding woman), umbrella-sporting geriatrics, human peacocks, stilt people (I didn't even notice them at first. I think all the ad conferences made me immune), the Infamous Bag Man, and strawberry spawn -- among myriad others.

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Like pet, like owner!

It's the Volvo ballet!

The parade ended with the arrival of two fire trucks, one of which was towing a not-so-little piece of history.

"Isn't it amazing?" Benj said. "That's how they used to put fires out. To think it was drawn by a horse. Look at the modern equivalent!"

More photos here. Also, catch short videos of the children's band, some whimsical violinists, and -- ooh -- belly belly BELLY dancers:


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I went to the I-Fest a few times while I was at IC. I once told someone it was like getting dropped into a "Where's Waldo?" book. Monks to the left of me, gypsies to the I am!

Angela Natividad said...

I can definitely identify with the "Where's Waldo?" feeling. We went hiking once and found a rock-filled stream that meets a waterfall ... all the rocks were organized in these elaborate zen designs. It went on as far as I could see. It was like being in a deserted city as high as my knees.