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09 June 2008

On Chaos Theory, or Being a Thunder God

The scene: walking home from farmers market in a Godforsaken heat wave. We've arrived at a crosswalk. I am wheezing. Dry air and blooming flowers make me do that.

Benj: "Let's stand just here. We can invoke the chaotic theory and maybe start a thunderstorm."

Me: "It's 'chaos theory.' You know, like a theory about chaos. The theory is not itself chaotic; it's pretty straightforward."

Benj: "What do you know about chaos theory?"

I wiggle my bum into Benj's lap. He leaps back. "What are you doing?!" he demands, nostrils flaring, a perfect picture of British indignation.

Me: "Invoking chaos theory!"

Benj: "You know nothing about chaos theory."

Thunder booms in the distance.

Benj, lifting arm up in salute: "Yes, chaos theory, YES!"

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