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18 June 2008

Mad Men: Not Just a Series; It's a Lifestyle!

The magnanimous One Club has invited me back to NYC to cover the launch of Real Men and Women of Madison Avenue: Their Impact on American Culture. The exhibit will be showing at 188 Madison -- the Science, Industry and Business Library -- until September.

If you're a serious ad-head, YOU MUST GO. No excuses! I scheduled an event on AdGabber for ultra-easy planning magic.

Bring mutti and vati if you want. Everybody loves a trek down Memory Lane -- what do you think keeps VH1 in business? -- and Real Men and Women of Mad Ave. covers about 80 years' worth of crunchy nostalgia. Revisit Meowmix! M&Ms! Old-school Nike! Maybe even Snausages!

You'll also learn more about the secret lives of advertising's heroes, those engineers of my childhood and yours. Expect cameos from those still living, like legendary copywriter Phyllis Robinson; and old rogue Jerry Della Femina, whose Meowmix song and Joe Isuzu prototype still ring in my ears.

I'll be in the City from Sunday-Tuesday. I'm gonna try to catch part of OMMA, if only to abuse the finger-food; and I also look forward to swapping notes with Ric Kallaher, who mentioned he might check out the Wrath of Cannes.

He promised me zany pictures. And baby, I love me some zany pictures.

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